the cwc podcast

On April 1 we launched The CWC Podcast to share the knowledge, experience and backgrounds of our favorite creative minds. We invite the women from our team and speakers from our previous events to go into dept about their struggles and victories regarding creative entrepreneurship. All hosted by founder Awura Abena Simpe.

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episode 1 - selfworth

This first episode of The CWC Podcast features contributor Marina de Haan (ZoeteLiefde) and sustainable fashion entrepreneur Dena Simaite from NOUMENON. We tackle the topic of selfworth from different perspectives, and also discuss meditation. And Drake. Yup. 

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episode 2 - personal development

Contributor Jessy The and Charlotte van 't Wout (entrepreneur, writer and queen of Instagram Stories) discuss their favorite topic: personal development. Listen and learn how Jessy and Charlotte tackle their personal challenges.

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episode 3 - networking

This week's podcast is all about networking We invited contributor Linda Roos (Linda Roos & Media) and Cynthia Ritsma (House of Notoire) to discuss this topic from the inside out. Grab a pen, because Cynthia and Linda are sharing practical tips non-stop!


episode 4 - sustainability

Dena & Marina from episode #001 are back! This episode we discuss how to implement sustainability in your life + business. And we discuss why Dena refers to her Dopper as her friend.


episode 5 - money

The women from our most popular episode (#002) are sharing their knowlegde on how to develop a mindset to grow rich. Grab a notebook and write along ! For more about Charlotte's coaching practice click here.


episode 6 - strategy

Listen to the first episode of season 2 with Amber van Leeuwen (The Social Good Girl) and Fauzia Radja (FM Consultancy) here! In this first episode of season 2 we're discussing the in's and out's of strategy in life and business

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