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The fifth edition of the Kanarie Club's Business Birds was powered by Creative Women Collective. The topic of the night was Career Courage. On June 27, entrepreneur Eline Leijten en singer Nicole Bus, shared how courage has been the catapult for their achievements thus far. 

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Business Bird #1 | Eline Leijten - Plugify
Eline Leijten is a business professional with a voice like honey and a passion for innovating the music industry. This TEDxspeaker is founder of the award-winning company Plugify. This online platform provides a broad scala of artists, from DJ's to singers and bands, for every occasion and makes it super easy to book gigs online. 

Business Bird #2 | Nicole Bus
Nicole Bus is a singer, songwriter and producer. In her teenage years Nicole struggled with her parents divorce, lived out of a bag pack and found refuge in her faith and music. During this period Nicole developed a fighting spirit which carried her through De Popacademie to the stages of X-Factor and The Voice of Holland, to the recent release of her third album Magnolia.