Awura's Summer Reflection - Our 2nd Anniversary!

Monthly Reflections

In my monthly reflections on I will push myself to share an unfiltered review of my month. A look into the behind scenes of CWC without all of the (awesome) Inshot effects which we use (and love) in our Instagram Stories. Check out May's reflection here.

I don’t know where to start this reflection. Probably because this summer has been crazy. We opened our own space in Lil’ Amsterdam for the summer to host workshops, open a helpdesk and grow our audience in the heart of Amsterdam.

The opening of a space has been a part of my dream for CWC from the beginning. However, the logistic of executing a dream are anything but… Dreamy.

Our sweat, blood and tears are the furniture, decoration and activities which we’ve organized in Lil’ Amsterdam.

For six weeks we’ve been welcoming women into our space every day of the week. We’ve been sharing knowledge, experiences and challenges, as intensely as we have been doing since day one.

Today is our 2nd anniversary. Our second year has been the busiest yet.

We build a new website.

We opened a webshop.

We created 5 new concepts (seminar, bootcamp, co-workday, helpdesk and #thecwcarttour.

We launched three products (t-shirt, totebag and bottle).

We organized events outside of Amsterdam (finally!).

Our team grew.

Our collective grew (hi 8.5000 women!).

Our vision grew.

We appreciate all of you for supporting this collective wholeheartedly. The DM’s, PM’s and e-mails are our fuel. Every single one of you is appreciated. Every single like, comment and repost.

We love you!

During #cwc1year we hosted an enourmous party, but after our crazy ass summer in Lil’ Amsterdam we have little energy left.

We need to recharge.

For this purpose we hosted the #cwcsummerschool during the last weeks of the summer holiday. This 4-week online class has been a breath of fresh air. The perfect way to reflect on the first 8 months of 2018 and to prepare for the final 4.

We appreciate you. I know I already said this, but honestly, I do wholeheartedly.

CWC is not a hobby. CWC is a part of my purpose. And we’re only just beginning.

Happy 2nd anniversary to US!