#cwcsummerschool class no. 3: (re)work (on) the basics of your business

#cwcsummerschool is back! This summer our  team will share more insights behind your favorite blogs every Monday, until August 27.


Through a special weekly assigment + an online class via Instagram live (one week after the assignment).



Class #1: Monday, 30 July | class by Jessyon how to accomplish your goals by the end of this year. Instagram Live on Monday, 6 August at 7PM.

Class #2:  | class by Anna Lenaon how to create  a successful side-project. Instagram Live on Monday, 13 August at 7PM

Class #3: Monday, 13 August | class by Marinaon how to navigate the up's and downs of building a creative business. Instagram Live on Monday, 20 August at 7PM

Class #4: Monday, 20 August | class by myself - Awura - on the power of connection. Instagram Live on Monday, 27 August at 7PM




Hey everyone, my name is Marina de Haan. I create movies with words. I’m also the founder of ZoeteLiefde, a company based in the Netherlands. It’s our mission to shower the world with sweet words of love. Because, everyone can use a bit more love, right?!


I’m excited to be part of #cwcsummerschool and will share an assignment about how to keep your focus in the midst of starting a creative business. I hope you have pen and paper (or your laptop) ready, let’s go!




What is that dream that has been on your mind for the last few years? What is that nudge that keeps knocking on your heart? I could be something that our world needs, it could be the startof a great business.

Define those thoughts, define those nudges, define yourbusiness

• Why
It’s so important to know why you do what you do. Don’t start your business with the what, start with the why. Think about the why for your own business.You should definitely grab a copy of Simon Sinek’s book ‘Start with why’.

• What

Once you’ve figured out the why, you have plenty of time left to think about what you would like to sell, what you would like to produce, what you would like to give to the world.

• Who

Who is your target audience? Talking about your dream audience here. Who would you like to inspire the most? Who needs to buy your products?

• Where

What is the location of your business? Do you sell in a store or online? Will you work from home or start a local HQ?

• How

How will you realize your dream? What do you need to kick-start the vision you’ve got?



What’s your mission? What’s your vision? Put it into words, write it down. Put them on your website, share them on social media, memorize your mission, see the vision you have before you. It helps to visualize your dream. It also helps to clear your mind when criticism comes your way.

  • Write down your mission and vision

  • What you hope for, and believe for will decide where you go in your life.



Think of a name for your company

Perhaps you already have a name. Branding genius Floortje Lopes taught me that it’s important to have a name bigger than your own name. If your own name is connected to your company, it’s very difficult for the company to grow larger than you are. Take time to find the right name for your mission. Naming your company is just as important as choosing a name for your (future) baby boy or girl.



You need people who support you all the way, but who are not afraid to share some truth when necessary. Sometimes running a business on your own without a team can be a lonely place. Find people who are willing to support you in that process. Maybe good friends or other entrepreneurs. CWC has the coolest ones of the country coming together regularly, so join us!

Who are the people in your life who always encourage you to dream bigger? Who are the people in your life who will tell you things in all honesty?  Find your tribe, write those names down.



Write down 3 things that you are really good at.

I am referring to things that come natural to you. In my case that’s writing. I thought everyone could write, because it came so natural to me. But boy, was I wrong. What is something that you can do really well and enjoy doing?

Now write down 3 things you find difficult to do.

For example, I find it difficult to do my financial administration. My mind just screams red XXX’s when they see numbers. It’s okay to ask for help. People would like to help you if they can. It’s not a big deal. Put your pride (okay, preaching to myself here) aside and ask for help when necessary.



Ride the wave, and don’t forget to smile!!!

Thanks for taking time to be a part of the #cwcsummerschool. Speak to you during our Instagram Live class next week Monday, 7PM!


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