#cwcsummerschool class no. 1: goalsetting

#cwcsummerschool is back! This summer our  team will share more insights behind your favorite blogs every Monday, until August 27.


Through a special weekly assigment + an online class via Instagram live (one week after the assigment).



Class #1: Monday, 30 July | class by Jessy on how to accomplish your goals by the end of this year. Instagram Live on Monday, 6 August at 7PM

Class #2: Monday, 6 August | class by Anna Lena on how to create  a successful side-project. Instagram Live on Monday, 13 August at 7PM

Class #3: Monday, 13 August | class by Marina on how to navigate the up's and downs of building a creative business. Instagram Live on Monday, 20 August at 7PM

Class #4: Monday, 20 August | class by myself - Awura - on the power of transformation (both personal and business). Instagram Live on Monday, 27 August at 7PM



This week is all about goalsetting with writer Jessy. In her bookreview of “Think and Grow Rich” Jessy tackled this topic lightly. This week we are going deeper. 

Before you dive into the homework, read Jessy’s bookreview here.  


Who’s Jessy? 

Hi all! My name is Jessy Thé and I help entrepreneurs to create their digital strategy + build their website.



This week’s assignment is to break down a big goal into smaller goals, and to achieve this goal through the knowledge of a group. Jessy explains:

 “To grow your business to the max and flourish as a creative entrepreneur, I believe we should also grow to the max on personal and business level. For growth, plans are necessary. When you break these plans into smaller steps, you will have the focus to achieve these plans, and inevitably grow.”



“We often already know which goals we would like to accomplish and within what period, but how often do we ask for support..?

In the book 'Think and Grow Rich', author Napoleon Hill points out the importance of a 'mastermind-group'. This is a group of people with specific knowledge who are able to support you in growing on a personal and business level  

Who could or (should!) be in your mastermind-group? And how do you create this support system?



This philosophy is a part of CWC’s DNA. The collective knowledge of our community is out if this world. And with this assignment we are able to support each other in a major way.

Therefore, after finishing the assignment, definitely join my online class via Instagram live, and let the (deeper) connection begin!”



What are the advantages of the mastermind-group?

- to have a support system;

- to be inspired by the other members;

- to keep each other in check!;

- to learn from each others experiences regarding personal development and entrepeneurship;

- and overall: to broaden your horizon!



Answer the following questions by yourself:

  • which goal would you I like to achieve within 3 to 6 months?;

  • break this big goal down into smaller monthly goals;

  • what knowledge to you already have yourself (which you could share), and what knowledge do you need from others?



My goal for this month is ...

The knowledge I have (and am able to share) is ... 

The knowledge I need is .... 

Start with setting your goals. During my live online class (on Monday, August 6 at 7PM on @creativewomencollective’s Instagram), I'll explain how to create your mastermind-group! 


I have finished my homework, what’s next? 

Send teacher @jyse a DM with your homework summary (copy and paste the assignment above or use our Instagram Story format), and block August 6, 7PM in your agenda for Jessy’s class live on @creativewomencollective’s Instagram.