#100creativegirls by Anna Lena Illustrations - Part V


Meet the brain behind this month's upcoming & remarkable series: #100creativegirls. The upcoming weeks Anna will share her project on our website, a journey which highlights the most awesome creative girls from all over the world.

On delivering value, job descriptions, and Meg Lewis

Hi there, amazing human. Glad you’re joining my reveries today. My name is Anna Lena and I have been writing about my experiences in doing a 100 Day Project called #100creativegirls - which I started to accomplish a sense of personal fulfillment in my professional creative career. If you like, you can check out the previous parts for a bit more meat to this story. Today, I need to get something off my chest.

This article is focused on an amazing creative I discovered a while ago while scavenger hunting pretty design work on the Internet. I consider this a part of my job. I went to University to study industrial design, and then interaction design, because both of those options were the absolute closest to what I have always envisioned myself doing.

Illustration has been in sight as long as I can remember, and I freelanced as an illustrator for the larger part of my studies. Aside from illustration work, I also took on interaction design, consultancy and graphic design jobs. I never really knew what to put on my CV and LinkedIn. Interaction Design? UX Design? UI Design? Graphic Design? Editorial illustration? Brand illustration? Design thinking? Webdesign? I mentally ‘checked’ all of those disciplines - but because I didn’t feel ‘covered’ by one in particular, I have often felt like shouting “WHAT EVEN IS A JOB DESCRIPTION!” - but that isn’t a cute look. You can imagine I have to spend a lot of time finding inspiration, to feed all these disciplines that spark my interest.

As my business progresses, I more and more recognize the importance of having the same values as your clients, and building towards greater value together. If that is lacking, no real sense of accomplishment nor true growth can be established. If you help your client with this, they don’t give two shits about your job title. And exactly this sentiment I recognized in the self proclaimed value based designer Meg Lewis, aka @darngoood.


What I loved, was that in one of her talks she has a slide where a bunch of the job descriptions I mentioned previously had been crossed out, and below it, in dancing letters, stood the words ‘value based designer’. I think you should definitely check her + her work out, because just the way she presents her work is incredibly unique and creative, and is totally captivating. And as if that isn’t enough, her approach to how to cultivate a creative career is very inspiring.

In line with my project - and introducing you to Meg - I have some good wishes for you: Do not fall into the trap of limiting yourself creatively, because it does not fit into the LinkedIn job title box just yet. Maybe you will come up with a term, maybe you won’t. And yes, you will need to practice focus and intent - but not as much as some would have you believe.

Darling, I see you working for a boss and crafting your skills at night. I see you dreaming of things that scare you, but pushing them away. I see you thinking hard and long about who you really are, maybe struggling with it. But I want you to realize and appreciate that you are doing all those things. Chances are, if you are reading this, you are too dazzling for a predefined job description. And with that… If you can see the value in any of the #100creativegirls that you probably don’t know personally, I hope you are aware of your own value too!

- Anna Lena