#100creativegirls by Anna Lena Illustrations - Part IV

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On chasing your identity,  self-expression, and Christine and the Queens

Hi, love! I’m happy to see you here. This article is part of a series, check out the previous blogs here. I believe things are much more beautiful when placed in context... Much like my creative girl collection of sorts called #100creativegirls.

As such the goal I have in mind with these articles is telling a story behind the creative faces you see on the feed of #100creativegirls. Why? To provide you with some insight into how I selected these women for my illustration project. By doing this, this series is turning into a creative tour. Recently, I spoke a little bit about self-doubt, creative shape shifting, and about overcoming artistic ruts. This week I want to talk about identity - something I’m endlessly fascinated by and something I think my #100creativegirls are all kicking butt in!

To me, there are two parts of my identity I’m frequently reflecting on. One is my identity as an artist and entrepreneur. The other is my identity as a human and woman. With the latter, appearance is somehow always a huge part of it. Even though I adore the aesthetic of the female archetype, I feel the urge less and less to apply it to my own visual identity as a person. I think I will be happier if I focuse more on expressing my own identity through my looks. Let’s call it a work in progress! 

However... one thing which does piss me off is when I see that people who express themselves outside of mainstream labels and looks, get backlash. I’d love it if more people wore creative creations, day in day out. Clothes which truly express who they are. 


A creative girl who I have illustrated recently is Héloïse Létissier, aka Christine and the Queens, which is the name of her band. The name of her band is inspired by a group of drag queens in London, who nursed her through a break up, while she stayed with them. According to an interview with Dazed, her musical expressions started out through the desire to find a ‘survival technique against the boxes in which we put each other, and the false options we get given by society’. She creates electronic pop music, that taps into interesting questions regarding identity and gender in a great way. Having followed her work for a while, I’m forever encapsulated watching her identity evolve. 

I’m fascinated by developing my identity as an artist - and helping others with strategies around it. Specifically I love to talk on a level that is deeper than industry, niche and uniqueness. I’m talking about that part of your identity that is always growing, and I’m a little in love with the idea that it is always a few steps ahead of you. 

During this project I have discovered some things about myself that are connected to the identity goose chase described above - my love of curating, story telling, connecting people, and reflecting. I wish I could sit down with every person I draw to do all those things, but not behind a screen. I hope that looking through the #100creativegirls project, you will find people that help you further uncover your identity, or maybe get inspired to start your own project. Be sure to let me know if you do - I can’t wait to see who you guys are becoming!

- Anna Lena