Bookreview | Busy: How to Thrive in a World of Too Much by Tony Crabbe


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Mindfulness, stress reduction.


Why (not)?

+ Familiar: Everyone knows the feeling of being ‘busy’;

+ Pleasant: It’s a pleasant read because it’s understandable, as it characterizes the society we live in today;

- Confronting: Some people might discover that they are not that busy as it seems;

- Long-winded: The message could be a bit shorter. I mean after all, we are all busy.


what is this book about?

Do you know this conversation? When you ask somebody how they are doing and they answer: I’m so busy. I’m overwhelmed. I have stress’. I am sure you do.

Crabbe writes about how to master a mindset with which you consciously choose things that add value to your life, when you are dealing with a lot of information and tasks. The amount of information that we cram into our brains nowadays has increased five times since the ‘80s. No wonder we feel frenetically busy all the time.

‘Busy’ is the sense of a continuous hectic situation of doing multiple things at the same time which depletes and exhausts you. Are we busy because there is too much to do? Or are we busy because we choose busyness all the time? Crabbe thinks it’s the latter. However in his opinion we are busy because we are often in competition with each other. This attitude is a consequence the scarcity mindset in today’s world where there is never enough.

Consequently, “more” equals success. More stuff, more tasks, more goals, more everything. However, the more we try to do everything, the less we achieve anything. Crabbe’s biggest concern is the busy state of mind, which is caused by ‘switching’ constanstly  between tasks. Sounds familiar? You can solve this by being seriously and consciously engaged with one thing which is important to you. This will bring focus, less exhaustion, better performance, happiness AND a calm state of mind which allows you to thrive in this  world, despite all of the busyness around you.

Mastering your life, focusing, being engaged and seizing the moment, are the keys to this minimalist mindset. The opposite of being busy is not relaxing, it’s having full attention for the people and work we truely love. 


This book is for you...

- you would like to be fully engaged and attentive to the things that matter to you, even when a lot needs to get done;

- if you are unconsciously in a really ‘busy’ state of mind all the time;

- if you feel guilty when doing a particular task, because you should be doing something else;

- if you switch a million times between tasks and don’t know why or how to solve this;


Let’s see if you are really busy, or if you are choosing to be busy... Try to be honest!

1. Do you sleep with your phone in your bed, next to your pillow? Y/N

2. Do you check your emails first thing in the morning? Y/N

3. Is it harder for you to resist not to check social media than it is to resist eating chocolate? Y/N

4. Are you in panic when you forgot to bring your phone charger to somewhere? Y/N

5. Are you totally engaged and focused when doing something that matters to you? Y/N

6. Do you often switch between tasks or places? Y/N

7. Do you leave your phone on the table during dinner with the screen visible and sound on? Y/N

8. Are you easily distracted by notifications from email, phone, texts and/or other social media? Y/N

9. Do you get stress from people that say: ‘I’m so busy’ all the time because it reminds you of the things you should be doing? Y/N

10. Do you have a fear of missing out when it comes to posts on social media, news or calls? Y/N


how to thrive

I cannot look into your schedules but in case you’ve answered the questions above with yes 7/10, there is a chance you are somebody that feels frenetically busy ALL THE TIME. Woman let me tell you this, even then, you are not too busy to read this book. Mr. Crabbe dedicated a chapter to this statement as well.

In case you still don’t feel busy after saying YES to most of the questions, then darling you must have nerves of steel! For the no-sayers out there, keep up the good work and keep tackling the non-stop information flow like a boss.

If we avoid triggers that encourage ‘busyness’ (e.g  by switching off our phones, switching less between tasks, making conscious choices and having full attention for the things that matter to us), we will be much happier and content in this busy thriving world. In the end, less truely is more.