How to start a creative business - Part III


Marina de haan

Marina is the founder of ZoeteLiefde and the writer of poetry book  "Lily in the wild field". Go to and for more of her incredible work!

Photo: Carly Wollaert

Asking for help is not the worse thing in the world

My parents always taught me to be independent. If my car would need oil, I’d know how to fill it. If something needs fixing, I will do it. Especially my Mom taught me to think in solutions. I can do many things on my own, and I like it that way. But there are times when it’s actually better to ask for help. It’s not typically “my grace zone”, but recently I’ve came to the conclusion that sometimes we all need a bit of help.

ZoeteLiefde’s website is a bit outdated. Although the one-page website looks beautiful, there is for example no possiblilty to share blogposts. As a writer, my company website needs a blog. I need to write. I need to fill the atmosphere with meaningful words. So I decided to buy a stunning new template and install it on my own. Who needs a graphic designer anyways? 


Boy, was I wrong

The whole plan blew up in my face on a Monday morning. On a particular sunny Monday morning, I must say. But my mind soon became cloudy as I stressed out. Although I did install the new theme, when I wanted to make changes, the page suddenly turned white. Completely white. I refreshed my browser and I logged in again. And again. And again. Nothing worked. The website was now a mix of #ZoeteLiefde and the theme I just bought. 

By this time, I was totally freaking out. Why did I activate the theme in the first place? Why didn’t I ask for help? Why was I so stubborn? These questions were on repeat for what seemed like the entire morning. Questions I didn’t really have the answers to. 

Perhaps it was just me wanting to be independent, not wanting to ask others for help, and always wanting to fix things myself. Clearly, I’m not Olivia Pope. Olivia would have handled it. I got myself together and decided to handle it right after the online explosion.

Be your best self. Not your best someone else.
— Marina de Haan


I told a few people about my actions, and I even shared about it in a Facebook group. To be honest, sharing my mistake made me feel really insecure. Admitting to others that I couldn’t do it on my own, felt like an epic fail. I was tired and drained before it was noon. Instead of torturing myself with insecurity, I decided to spend a few moments meditating. It helped me to clear my mind, and to think straight again.


This is what I have learned

It’s okay to ask for help. It’s not the worst thing in the world, and people are happy to help. You (I’m saying you, but this is really me motivating myself) must figure out what your strengths are, what you are good at, what you enjoy doing. But it’s also good to realize your weaknesses. You can learn a few skills to improve your weaknesses. And if you are not a graphic designer, but a writer, stay in your grace zone. Reaching for the top in a zone which is not “yours” will only create frustration. That’s exactly what happened to me. I’m a writer. I may know a thing or two about Wordpress, but not enough to design a new website. And you know what? That’s completely fine!

The most important thing is that you stay true to you! To be your best self. Not your best someone else. So please continue to do just that. And change the game, while you’re at it!

For the next few months I will take you on my journey of starting my own creative business. If you are pursuing a creative business, I would love to hear from you, so we can travel on this journey together. Feel free to message me via!



Photo by   Hind Mari

Photo by Hind Mari