Bookreview - “Dit is een goede gids” by Marieke Eyskoot



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Sustainable, social entrepreneurship


Why (not)?

+ Valuable: insights on how to live a more conscious life;

+ Beautiful: the texts, photos, interviews… you will love it all;

+ Practical: top-class tips for sustainable fashion, skincare, food and more;

+ Revealing: you’ll definitely learn things you didn’t know before;

+/- Volume: DIEGG is a big read, however in this case: the bigger, the better;


What is this book about?

First things first; this book is a good guide. Why? Because Marieke’s book teaches you how to make conscious choices about how to treat the planet and its people. Marieke shows that sustainability is not boring, not ugly, not alternative and not only for the elite. On the contrary, a sustainable lifestyle is necessary if we want to survive on this planet. This is the harsh truth. Most of us have the tendency to buy more than we need because of the “low” prices. We buy “cheap” clothes for example, which actually are not cheap at all. The low price is an indication that somebody else is paying the price for these clothes, like a young child in a factory in Bangladesh. 



Marieke shares practical examples of how we as consumers have the power to ignite change in our own hands. For example, by not supporting cheap clothing brands with our wallets. Our money is our vote. If we “vote” for cheap brands, our choice will support production under horrific circumstances in countries like Bangladesh. However, by voting for conscious brands instead, we can change the world. 

Our money is our vote.

choice by choice

Marieke selected the best products, tips and tricks related to sustainable fashion, food, skincare etc. By choosing a sustainable lifestyle you can slowly change the world choice by choice, and join Marieke’s mission to create start a revolution. Next to her beautiful mission, she also writes about how to not strive for perfection, but for improvement. How? By choosing quality over quantity, authenticity over fakeness, by buying less, by enjoying the reusable and by recycling more! You have the power to make an impact. Just like one drop is enough to change the colour of a whole can of water. 


This book is for you if …

- you would like to know more about how to live a sustainable life;

- you are brave enough to confront some ‘harsh’ truths about how people and the planet are treated in the production process;

- you are interested in social entrepreneurship;

- you have the desire to become a minimalist.


Are you ready for some harsh truths? Here are a few statistics. 


The following statistics* are to enlighten you about a number of misconceptions and hidden truths behind sustainability issues:


#1. It takes 10.000 litres of water to produce a jeans and a t-shirt (one outfit!);

#2. 10% of the total percentage of Co 2 - emissions is caused by the fashion industry (in comparison, planes are responsible for 2,5%);

#3. Women on an average basis wear 10.000 tampons and sanitary napkins during their lifetime;

#4. the amount of global food waste is 1,3 billion tons;

#5. Dutch people use about 120 litres of water per person each day for showers, drinking, brushing their teeth, washing their hands etc.;

#6. A plastic bottle thrown in the trash, will be there a few hundred years until “dissolved”;

#7. It takes about 20 years for chewing gum to be dissolved (in comparison, cigarettes are dissolved within 2 years);

#8. Women in the Netherlands earn about 1/3 less than men (Global Gender Gap Index).


* Please note that Mrs. Eyskoot has clearly stated in the guide that these numbers have not been given scientific source references due to readability of the book, and because their appearance in the text is to only give an idea of the challenges we face.