Bookreview - "Think and Grow rich” by Napoleon Hill



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mindset for success, desire, perseverance


Why (not)?

+ Must-read: classic on personal growth and success since 1937;

+ Valuable: teaches the life-lessons of countless of successful people;

+ Focus: obtain a rich life by upgrading your focus;

- Vague: before reading this book, it’s an advantage if you are familiar with the law of attraction, mindfulness and meditation because similar subjects are discussed. If you aren’t, an open-mind goes a long way;

- Time-consuming: Mr. Hill doesn’t only require you to read the circa 400 pages, but also to do the research, to study and to practice the principles.


What is this book about?

According to the Dutch supercoach Michael Pilarczyk this is a ‘golden’ book  Why? Because the book describes a philosophy to which a countless number of people owe their richest lives to. ‘Rich’ or ‘being wealthy’ in this context means more than having a lot of money or material things, it also includes relationships, spirituality and mental health.. A. Carnegie, a steal magnate, philantropist and one of the richest Americans in history asked Hill to write this book Carnegie believed that success is the consequence of your mindset. He urged Hill to research this philosophy of success, and to share this with the world. For 20 years Hill interviewed the most wealthy and influential people in America, all introduced to him by Carnegie. Through these interviews, Hill aimed to discover the secret formula of a rich life. He came up with a formula based on thirteen principles which all contain auniversal wisdom. A wisdom which only reveals itself if and when you are ready for it.


13 principles

To establish a rich life, it is necessary to dive deep within, to change your previous past mindsets, to master your six “Ghosts of Fears”, and to be open-minded so you are able to receive insights from the so-called Neverending-Intelligence. Through studying and researching the thirteen principles, you will finally understand how a rich life is established. You will also learn about desire, perseverance, faith, thoughts, autosuggestion, the subconscious mind, beliefs and imagination.

The first principle of obtaining your richest life yet, is about having a desire. Since this book  mostly focuses on becoming rich in the financial sense, I will share six steps to transform your desire for financial wealth into something practical.


This book is for you if...

  • you have a strong desire to live the best version of your life; 
  • you feel stuck and are in need to reset your mind for new ideas, desires, plans and goals.


6 steps to transform your desire of financial wealth into practice (a.k.a. make money)

Thoughts are things. Incredibly powerful things, especially when combined with a concrete goal, a lot of perseverance and a burning desire to reach this goal. Desire is the origin of success. When you start to think consciously consistently, that you will become financially wealthy, you will be J. After applying the next six steps, you will develop the(positive) mindset which is crucial for financial success.

#1. State the exact amount of money that you desire (if you ask me, the more zeros the better);

#2. Decide exactly how much you would persevere to receive this amount of money;

#3. Decide a date on which you desire to have that amount of money in possession;

#4. Make a concrete and clear plan to transform your desire into reality. Start with the execution of the plan immediately, whether you are ready for it or not;

#5. Write a consecutive summary of all the things above and also what you are willing to sacrifice for your goal;

#6. Read your summary twice every day out loud. In the morning immediately when you are awake, and before you go to bed. Why? You need to see, feel and believe that you are in the possession of the money already.

When you take these steps you will see your financial wealth grow. And remember, being successful is a mindset and you are always in control of the mind.

* Michael Pilarczyk has translated the original Think and Grow Rich in Dutch. If you really would like to study these principles, I suggest that you learn about these in your mother tongue.