The Collective Reflection of 2018 - part II


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The women behind and in the collective look back at 2018 and share their thoughts, learnings and tips from their experiences in 2018 with you. We selected our favorites, categorized all the lessons, all for you. Enjoy!

Lessons on Focus

Chiara Spruit (sustainable style coach) - “I learned to listen to nobody but myself.”

Marielle Nooijen (writer) - “I started doing without thinking about other people's opinion.”

Monika Vaskorova (videographer) - “This year was the most difficult year, but also the year in which I learned the most. My biggest lesson for 2018 is to stay in the moment. To be present. To not focus on yesterday, or on tomorrow but on today. The here and now is the most important moment we have. In the now you can find all of the inspiration, calmness, all of the joy, safety and love, or anything else you desire or require."

Lessons on Growth

Carole Rey (photographer) - “I embraced adversity and challenged myself to go out of my comfortzone.”

Yennhi Le (sustainable fashion professional) - “The most important I learned this year is: take every chance to experiment! You might discover skills which you didn't know about if you didn't dare to step out.”

Manisha Sabajo (legal tech counsel) - “De meest belangrijke les van 2018 voor mij was dat het proces belangrijker is dan de uitkomst. Als samenleving staren we ons soms blind op het resultaat. Maar dat is niet hoe we iets bereiken. We moeten gaan houden van het proces waarin we ons bevinden voordat we het gewenste resultaat bereiken. Op die manier komen we verder dan we ooit konden verwachten.”

Jessy The (tech (design) professional) - “The only one responsible for your own happiness, body and mindset is YOU. Nobody else. So which means, you can decide, take action, architect and follow your dreams however YOU want it. How mind-freeing!”

Lessons on strategy

Carly Wollaert (photographer) - “Don't hold on to the idea of executing a plan. Reality will suprise you unquestionably, either in a positive or negative way.”

Camila Alvarez Franco (branding & marketing consultant) - “My number one lesson this year has been this: I am not obliged to put time and energy into situations or people who do not add value. I will not waste my time to conversations or gatherings which fall into this category. I recently stumbled upon this quote: ‘If you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room.’ I recognized my situation in this quote, and for 2019 my goal is therefore to create a circle of people who add value to my life, and vice versa. If a person does not fit this requirement, he or she is out!”

Awura Simpe (speaker & strategic community consultant) - “I have developed a new relationship with strategy this year. I was a person who embraced joix de vivre to the max. I didn’t think a lot about the future on purpose. Although this carpe diem mindset is effective for grasping the opportunities which are in the here and now, planning is not a dirty word. In 2018 I learned I don't have to choose between the two. I can be strategically experimental. What a relieve!” (Check out the latest monthly reflection for details.)

Lessons on fulfilment

Shenin Lebrun (business & branding consultant) - “I am proud of many things in my life, but nothing beats being a mom."

Oboshie Oduro (photographer) - “My biggest lesson of 2018 is about trust. I learned to have faith, to be persistent not perfect, and to remember this: my craft is bigger than I can even imagine. The key to succeeding in my craft is patience. I also learned this: Pay yourself first. Not only moneywise, but in everything: prioritize yourself. After all, you can't pour from an empty cup. Self care is the best care.”

Hadassah Martes (art & fashion professional) - “I can choose whose voice I turn to and i have decided that God’s voice is the first voice I am turning to and believing because He always has my best interest. So when the media (and my own insecurities) try to tell me that i am not beautiful enough or that what i want to do is impossible, i already know its a lie. Because God says that nothing I plan to do is impossible, that I am the apple of His eye and that I am His work of art!”

Charmaine Wartes (strategic communication professional) - “Be your own bestfriend; which goes for treating, talking, advising and loving yourself like you would do for your best friend.  Ask yourself this question regularly: ‘if my best friend was in this situation, what would I do or say?’"

What did you learn in 2018?

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