Awura's November Reflection - from confrontation to liberation

Monthly Reflections

In my monthly reflections on I will push myself to share an unfiltered review of my month. A look into the behind scenes of CWC without all of the (awesome) Inshot effects which we use (and love) in our Instagram Stories. Check out October's reflection here.

If you’ve read my October reflection you already know I was excited to leave the 10th month of this year behind.

Why? Because October confronted me with an uncomfortable truth: I am my biggest obstacle. In life, business and everything in between.

Not negative people.

Not any algorithm.

Not Mercury’s retrograde.

But me.

And as a consequence, if I don’t grow, my life/business won’t grow either. I am my own limitation.

In November I chose to focus on confronting my biggest personal challenges. First by analyzing the book DROMEN, DURVEN, DOEN by Ben Tiggelaar during a 14-day #cwcdaily challenge. And during the last 14 plus days I tackled myself by using the 16 personalities test as a framework.

This test is like a magical mirror. According to the people in and around my circle, the test has been an insightful tool. Their most frequent response: “This test grasps my personality on a level I didn’t know existed.”

I am an ENFP-A. Also known as a Campaigner:

Individual traits:

Extraverted – 71%

Intuitive – 81%

Feeling – 67%

Prospecting – 71%

Assertive – 79%

Role: Diplomat

Strategy: People Mastery

With the knowledge of my “character” in the back of my head, I confronted my weaknesses (specifically: impracticality, difficulty with focusing and overthinking) and celebrated my strengths (curiosity, energetic/enthusiastic and communication).

This November I realized my challenge with focus, is a part of my personality. I therefore searched for a new way to approach this challenge. Instead of forcing myself to focus with willpower, I chose to create a space for myself to be unfocused with the following approach:

I have the freedom to experiment with any new idea for two weeks. After two weeks I either have to drop the idea OR continue to execute the idea for 3 months consistently. This way I am creating a space for my millions of ideas to flow. And if in practice they aren't as great as I imagined, to let the ideas go.

Instead of forcing myself to focus with willpower, I chose to create a space for myself to be unfocused.
— Awura Simpe

This approach was inspired by one of the podcast episodes of Tim Ferriss, whom I'm obsessed with.

And the result? November has been my most productive month of 2018. The MOST. Maybe even more productive than the first ¾ of the year… The months before our second anniversary on September 1st have been a rollercoaster of exploring ALL of my ideas non-stop. And most importantly, with little strategy. Check my Summer reflection here to read all about this journey.

The focus which I discovered in November is my first glimpse of the entrepreneur I would like to be in the long-term.




I am excited for her.

- Awura