Bookreview | Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

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+ Eye-opening: get fired up to find your treasures within and let Big Magic happen to you;

+ Encouraging: get encouraged to muster up your bravery to live creatively once awoken;

+ Relatable: the author talks about her own fears and rejections as a writer;

- Confronting: you read about the fears that all creatives have and what is holding you back;

- Swifty: be ready to hear about ‘swifty’ subjects regarding creativity, ideas, inspiration and the universe.


What is this book about?

Liz Gilbert, the author of Eat, Love and Pray, believes that the creative process is both magical and magic. Amen to that! With ‘creative living’, Gilbert is not necessarily referring to the pursuit of a creative career but more importantly, to a life that is driven by curiosity over fear. The central question here is: Do you have the courage to bring forth the treasures that are hidden within? She believes that all human beings have treasures buried inside of them placed by the universe, and that it’s our job to find those jewels. Thát’s creative living. If you take the first big step to discover your treasures, your life will be(come) enchanted. And that’s when Big Magic happens.

Creatives often let fear destroy their dream of taking the path of building a creative life. Fear hates the insecurity that comes with creativity. But the thing is, fear will always be there. However, by making space for fear and by accepting how creativity and fear can co-exist, you can (still) pursuit creative living. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you created the things that made you feel the most alive and happy? According to Gilbert, you should, you can and you will!

If you are fired up to start living a creative life, read Gilbert’s most important lessons on how to embrace, maintain and maximize the potential of your treasures below. 

But first:


This book is for you if...

  • you are ready to search the creative treasures deep within yourself;
  • you are in need of a confidence boost to start your creative career or company;
  • you are tired of being extremely self-conscious and just want to make things;
  • you are curious to find out how you can unfold beauty, happiness and transcendence within your life;


The most important lessons for maximizing, completing and starting off your creative living:

            #1 lead a creative life because that’s the way you want to pass your days

           #2 trust that you know so much more than you think you know;

           #3 you don’t need anyone’s permission to lead a creative life;

           #4 let inspiration lead you wherever it wants to lead you;

           #5 define yourself as a creative by saying for example, ‘ I am a writer’ on a daily basis;

           #6 believe that you’re entitled to creativity without acting like a princess;

           #7 accept that ideas and inspiration can leave  as fast  as they sometimes come;

           #8 start being original by embracing your creativity and dump fear because it’s boring;

           #9 keep the living heart of your ideas alive by not procrastinating them;

           #10 get your own creative squad for encouragement, satisfaction and support.


If this book seems too swifty for you to read, don’t worry; the incredible Marie Forleo interviewed Gilbert about the essence of “Big Magic”. Watch the interview here! Alternatively, if you are on the road or travelling, I definitely recommend listening to Gilbert’s podcast.