Bookreview | Dit wordt jouw jaar by Dr. B. Tiggelaar


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Personal development, productivity


Why (not)?

+ Motivating: a motivating guide to make 2018 your best year (yet)!

+ Clear: the book helps you to understand the scientific reasons behind human behaviour with regard to personal growth;

-/+ Brainteaser: Tiggelaar challenges you to crack the most difficult questions in life;

-  Confronting: why haven’t you achieved your goals so far? The book helps you to look into the roots of your struggles;

+ Super practical: each chapter provides tools, tips and assignments which stimulate you to create an actionplan for a successful new year.


What is this book about? 

First of all: Happy New Year! The year is a little over a week “old” and with over 350 days to go, we all have a lot of “new year” left. My hope for you, is for you to develop, grow and be successful in achieving your goals for this year as a creative, female entrepreneur!

What would you like to achieve in the year 2018 on a personal and/or professional level?

And do you know what would make 2018 your best and most successful year (yet)? 

If you are still figuring things out, perhaps this book is for you.

Tiggelaar’s book stimulates you to think about your own definition of happiness, what you find important, what your strong suits are, and what other people appreciate in you. The answer to these questions define the direction of your path to success. And according to Tiggelaar, direction plus action equals success. Tiggelaar believes that success flows from the connection between choosing a direction and taking action. Once you have chosen a direction, formulate reasonable, manageable and regular (daily or weekly) actions (goals). 

Usually motivation is the first trigger for making ‘a plan to succeed’ but motivation by itself won’t lead to success. Therefore, the book teaches you how to formulate your actions (goals) as well as action techniques. The purpose of these teachings is to stimulate, motivate and trigger ‘new’ behaviour, which leads to long-lasting improvement, and eventually “success”. Tiggelaar explains furthermore that change is a process and that there will always be some setbacks in changing when walking your path to success. He gives you tools on how to deal with these setbacks. Furthermore, he teaches you how to embrace change by seeing change as an experiment, as well as how to evaluate your own process to success. There are many different ways to achieve “success”, As the saying goes: All roads lead to Rome

Keep this in mind while pursuing your goals in 2018! 


This book is definitely for you if: 

  • you have the will to make 2018 the best year of your life!;
  • you are interested in creating long-lasting change in your life by learning about your own (human) behaviour;
  • you usually find books about personal development BS since they sometimes lack scientific background, because, this book does!;
  • you like to know how to deal with an overwhelming to-do-list.


5 ways to promote new behaviour in your daily environment

  • #1. Share your intentions with your loved ones and ask them for support and feedback, and make a bet or contract with them with regard to your new intention;
  • #2. Become a member of a club so you can engage with like-minded people; preferably a niche community which speaks to your interests;
  • #3. Change your physical environment to enforce your new behaviour. For example, if you are on a diet, remove all junk food from your pantry at home. You can’t eat junk if it’s not there.
  • #4. Keep track of your behaviour. You could use a bullet tracker notebook, a diary or apps to make sure you stay on the right path.
  • #5. Reward yourself. Changing your behaviour is not easy. When you have found a technique which works for you and is proving to be successful, reward yourself! Finally a reason to buy that new spring jacket without any guilt whatsoever. 


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