Bookreview | The subtle art of not giving a f*ck by Mark Manson


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Jessy The

Jessy The is a tax consultant turned entrepreneur, whose passion is to strengthen your business by providing business and website consultancy. 

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self-improvement, self-help and conscious living

Why (not)?

+ Refreshing: Manson slaps you in the face to help you decide what to give a fuck about and what not;

+ Relatable: everybody gives too many fucks about something he or she shouldn’t;

+ Practical: Manson presents raw, honest, straight-forward questions to help you bring out the best in you (I promise!);

- Confronting: if a story is relatable, it can also be confronting. Be fucking ready to confront any (shitty) values you might have and grow through the pain. 

What is this book about?

I wouldn’t do this must-read any justice if I didn’t use the word fuck a lot. While reading this book, you will come to understand (and decide!) what is important to give a fuck about and what not in a world that is fucked in so many ways. Everybody has problems and life will always be throwing some shit at you. To not give a fuck is to stare down at your problems and to take action despite any pain or struggle. The nature of our problems is determined by our values. Manson teaches you to prioritize better values and therefore, choosing better things to give a fuck about. Because having better values means having less things (problems) to give a fuck about. Even if you would face any problems, you will be able to endure the struggles of these problems because by the end of this book, you decide what pain to sustain or what to struggle for in life is fuckworthy enough. 

This book is for you if…

  • you are deciding what is important and unimportant in your life to give a fuck about, by researching your (good and bad) values;
  • you are dealing with self-doubt, pain and insecurity. We all feel these ways sometimes and this book will be your guide in making your pain, your tool to a better life;
  • you would like to know how to take a big, challenging step in your life. Whether that’s a career-switch, the start of a new business or other courageous stuff;
  • you would like to improve the quality of your life;
  • you are hungry for practical insights on how to cultivate healthy relationships with (future) partners, friends or family-members. Including tips and tricks on how to recognize a toxic relationship. Be fucking ready to analyse your relationships to the bone!
  • you would like to know how to deal with society’s mantra of “the more, the better”, as a result of for example, feeling overwhelmed by social media;
  • you are interested in gearing up your mindset to learn new things or for problem-solving.  

How can I maximize the strengths of this book? 

Be brutally honest with yourself when reading the book. While reading this, I recognized things about myself and about the people in my life, that are not fuckworthy whatsoever. If you think you already are a master of not giving a fuck, this book is still worth the read. Why? Besides eye-opening the book is also a relatively funny and enjoyable manifesto.

One of my favourite quotes in this book is ‘Maturity is what happens when one learns to only give a fuck about what’s truly fuckworthy’.

I don’t really consider myself very mature yet (I will always be a kid on the inside!). However, after hitting a certain three-something club, I sure feel more relaxed to give less fucks than I did before. I believe choosing what not to give a fuck about à la monsieur Manson, is liberating and can on the long run improve your quality of life! 
— Jessy The, tax consultant turned creative IT entrepreneur