Bookreview - "The 4-Hour Work Week" by Timothy Ferris


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Jessy The

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What? work-life-balance, productivity, outsourcing

Why (not)?
+ Inspiring:  provides tools to live your life to the fullest by managing your time, money and location;

+ Practical: immediately applicable, practical steps, assignments, tips and tricks to help you become a ‘new rich’;    

- Credibility: the cover of the book perhaps a little too farfetched.I suggest you take from the book what’s important to you and/or your company;

- Patience: don’t just read the book, but do the work (which are all of Ferriss’ assignements);

- US-based: The information mentioned only applies to US-citizens. So if you find yourself a little confused, Google is your best friend! 

What is this book about? 

The author describes the process of becoming ”a new rich” ("NR") people who believe in enjoying life now and not postponing happiness to the future. Imagine yourself as a NR, lying in a hammock under a few palm trees, while sipping on a margarita and working only four hours a week. I know, it sounds extremely dreamy but totally unrealistic. Or not? Ferris believes that by following the so-called “DEAL-process”, you will become a member of the NR. 

What’s DEAL?

D = Define your own rules, goals, desires and dreams; 

E = Eliminate overload of information in your life to have more time for the things that matter;

A = Automatize your workflow and income by developing the right product and system of delegation; 

L = Liberate yourself by creating unrestricted mobility, being able to work from wherever. 

Even if you think this dream of becoming a “NR” sounds unrealistic, this book is still useful to learn some effective life hacks. Ferris is a big name in the world of entrepreneurship and has been playing this “NR-game” for quite a few years. And also, I think it can never hurt to learn from excentric, people with out there ideas like Ferris. 

This book is for you if…

  • you are trying to figure out what excites you in life;
  • you are in need of motivation and practical tips to take the step to start your own business and becoming a NR, while currently working at an office;
  • you are interested in increasing your productivity by using elimination-techniques such as the Law of Pareto (80/20-principle) or the Law of Parkinson;
  • you are in need of practical steps for inventing, micro-testing and outsourcing a product or service;
  • you are looking for practical insights on how to live digital nomad lifestyle, or how to convince your boss to you working remotely; 
  • you are curious about the concept of ‘mini-retirements’, living for 3-6 months abroad during the year, instead of at the end of your life (because life is short!).

If you have read this book and are hungry for more, check out:  

  • the practical information, assignments, tips and tricks after each chapter of this book;
  • the bonus-chapters and the website for more information to help you become a NR;
  • the articles, blogs and podcasts by Ferriss, as well as his TEDTalks.

Thanks for reading! My goal is to provide you ladies with the ins & outs of the books relevant for the creative female entrepreneur. Please message me if you have any questions, would like to brainstorm or discuss how the methods of Ferris could be applicable to you and your business.