5 Goal Planners For 2018

a list of 5 by Shenelva Abigail Booij

For our last “a list of 5”, we are sharing the list of all lists, and the ultimate ending of this section on our website. Our final “a list of 5” is all about the new year. 5 planners to plan a “successful” 2018. However you define success. What would you like to read in 2018? Let us know via e-mail (info@thecreativewomencollective.com)!


1. The Goal and Success Planner

This goal planner will help you to set your goals and find ways to achieve them. Step by step and at your own pace. At the end of each month the planner will guide you to reflect on the goals you’ve set and look back at how far you’ve come.


2. 90 Day Goal Planner for Entrepreneurs

The 90 Day Goal Planner is all about your mindset, vision and passion. This planner offers to help you with strategies, skills and tools. It was made for entrepreneurs and small businesses to serve as a roadmap for their strategy.

Here’s a littlepeak inside of the book:

“People have ideas → Ideas lead to research → Research leads to tasks → Tasks need action → Success happens when we take ACTION on our tasks → Get organized, take action and make change happen.”


3. Daily Planner - Personal

You can use this planner any time of the year. This all-in-one planner will help you with setting goals for your career, but also with writing down your shopping list for the week, planning out your meals, or noting down birthdays of friends and family. No matter what your needs are, this literally planner has it all!


4. Biz Plan Book

Ready to start brainstorming about your ambitious goals, get mega focused and bring your passions and dreams to life? Then this is THE planner for you! No matter what stage your business is in, this planner and workbook was made for ALL entrepreneurs; from bloggers to marketing agents, and from coaches to speakers. The Biz Plan Book is fun, creative and effective.


5. Daily To-Do List

This to-do list will teach you about the different kinds of to-do lists you can use. But also of the benefits and pitfalls of each list, how to structure and simplify your to-do lists, how to actually take action and use the lists, and much, much more! Dive into this book and find out what kind of to-do list suit you the best and is the most effective for you.