2017 in video's - a visual recap of our events

written by Awura Simpe

2017 was an exciting year for CWC: we celebrated our first anniversary, we created this new website, we launched a webshop, we organized 3 new event concepts and - most importantly - we've reached our mission to connect hundreds upon hundreds creative women on- and offline. 

Before toasting to 2018, we are looking back - literally - on a part of the amazingness which took place in 2017 with you! Curious about our first event in 2018? Click here!

1. Our first event in 2017 (The Sustainable Edition) took place in the centre of Amsterdam in a cozy loft - with a three of our favorite sustainable entrepreneurs: Valene Lontanga, Suzanne Smulders and Chanel Trapman. (Video by Els Danquah)

2. Our third event in 2017 (The Entertainment Edition) with actrice Yootha Wong-Loi-Sing, presentor Angela Timisela, DJ Aurielle Sayeh and singer Charmaine Charlemagne was - you've guessed it - basically a party! (Video by Oboshie Oduro)

3. In the summer of 2017 we created a special summer program with our lunch on the spacious terrace of the Kanarie Club as a highlight. The food, the cocktails, the specialized menu's, the women and the sun... We can't wait until summer 2018! (Video by Els Danquah)

4. 2017 was the year of new concepts for CWC. We launched the monthly co-workdays, our big seminars and our bi-yearly bootcamp for starting entrepreneurs. These 3 concepts will all be repeated in 2018; first on the program is our seminar on conciousness - are you in?! (Video by Floor Kruk)

5. One of the things we are most proud of is the launch of our webshop. The first products we launched are our #grindoverglamour organic t-shirts and our classic black totebag. In collaboration with videographer Monika Vaskorova we interviewed 5 women about their perspective on the #grindoverglamour mindset. (All video's are shot + edited by Monika Vaskorova)