Bookreview - Bedrock, Het Boek by Nina Pierson & Josephine Kay

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Conscious living, life coaching.

Why (not?):

+ insightful: a guide on howto make conscious choices for lasting happiness;

+ confronting: in a good way because here confrontation equals consciousness;

+ realistic: death is part of life, therefore life is short. When you are conscious of death, you will live a conscious life;

- random: some of thetopics discussed are quite random and might not interest you at first sight;

- hippie-talk: if topics like mindfulness, yoga, meditation or spirituality are too vague for you, this is your chance to learn about them nevertheless in a clear and simple language.

What is this book about?

This book empowers, guides and coaches you to make conscious choices for the improvement of your own life, for others and for the planet. The writers believe in a world where everything and everybody is “happiness”. A world with a new type of consciousness with regarding to love, psyche, sustainability, spirituality, body, friendship, society and family. All of these are subject to change, which is the only constant in life.If you wish for lasting happiness, you need to know how to deal with the changes in your life by becoming flexible.

We all struggle with embracing change in one or more parts of our lives. If you are looking for ways to become resilient, look no further: Bedrock, the book contains insightful topics described per chapter. These topics can help you build your own new, healthy, consciousness, for the sake of yourself, others and the planet.

This book is for you if…

- you are interested in creating a lasting form of happiness by conscious living;

- you would like to know more about sustainability, food and environmental choices;

- you are curious about yoga, mindfulness and spirituality but are too afraid to step on the yoga mat yourself;

- you are experiencing difficulties within relationships and are in need of some new perspectives;

- you are a big fan of Nina Pierson, the driving force behind Bedrock magazine, PUP and SLA (I follow her on Instagram and can’t helped but be in awe of her every single day);

Three topics in the book that will make you more conscious about "work"

‘ Less is more. The less we work, the more productive we become’

It’s good to work hard but the world doesn’t end if you don’tget done as much as you’d like. Believe it or not, research* shows that people are able to get more work done by working less. This could be accomplished by ‘mindful resting’, which basically means taking a distance of work. For all the workaholics out there: according to this research, making 80 hours per week, doesn’t mean that you’re also productive. Tell your boss that!

‘Everyday an empty inbox. It’s possible!’

I’m excited that (my)role-model figure, female entrepreneur Pierson shows her insights on emptying her email inbox. You createfour folders named: Saved, To Do This Week, Later Maybe and Pending. You sort your emails in the foldersaccording to the actions that are expected of you in regard of them. Get organized and never again be overwhelmed by e-mails.

‘Healthy office: the importance of a healthy work space’

Why are you more creative in a green, hip co-working space than when working at home? Because of better coffee? No, because of a scientific concept called ‘environmental enrichment’. Your brain activity increases if you are exposed to surroundings that stimulate your visual, motion, skin, cognition and biorhythm. How much you can move on your chair, see broad daylight, have plants surrounding you… These are some of the influenceson your creativity, according to a checklist for enriched environments. Besides coffee, I personally thought it were all of the hipster freelancers working around me at the co-working space…