Basics - How to embrace your freedom as a creative entrepreneur (without becoming a digital-nomad)

The Business Basics

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linda roos

Linda Roos is a copywriter, translator and entrepreneur. She is fascinated with the stories behind entrepreneurs and regularly blogs on her website (in Dutch). She also writes for and is a regular visitor of CWC's events.

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Being your own boss means: freedom! You have no boss looking over your shoulder, telling you what to do and when to do it. You don't (necessarily) have to be somewhere from nine to five. And you probably don't have to go to the same dull office every day. Of course, this all depends on the type of projects you're working on.

Digital nomad

Freedom is an amazing thing. But what happens when you have a lot of it? Some of your friends or family members (mostly the non-entrepreneurs) can't believe you're not taking advantage of this freedom, and kind of think you are basically on a fulltime holiday. "Why don't you travel more often? Why would you work from home every day? Why don't you pack your things and go somewhere for a month?"

Scrolling through your Instagram feed, you spot one digital nomad after the other. It seems as if everybody and their sister is bringing their laptop with them while traveling to faraway, dreamy destinations. Working from the beach, working on a breathtaking rooftop terrace or regular meetings at a fancy hotel with an infinity pool including a flamingo or two floating around; according to these perfect feeds, anything goes. The digital-nomad lifestyle is hotter than ever.

Traveling = Vacation

However, maybe the digital nomad lifestyle is just not for you. Maybe you enjoy working from home and being close to your family and friends. Maybe the idea of working abroad while traveling makes you feel restless. And maybe, dare I say it, you believe traveling equals vacation, not work.

First of all, doing something that you love and earning enough money to make a living out of it, is a great accomplishment by itself. Not everyone can do this. And second of all, we don't all have to life by the digital nomad format. Being your own boss and having all this “freedom”, doesn't necessarily mean you need to combine work with travel. Freedom can be found in many (little) things.

If the digital nomad lifestyle is not (yet) a fit for you, here are some other ways to enjoy your freedom as an entrepreneur.

#1 Change of scenery

Working from home is great, but every single day? Erm no, thank you. If you need a change of scenery, you don't have to travel very far. Just take your laptop to a public co-working space, the nearest café or a hotel. There, you'll find cozy working spots, great WiFi and strong coffee.

Our favorites in Amsterdam are the Kanarie Club, hotel Kimpton De Witt and Andaz.

#2 Pick your own colleagues

Don't want to go out on your own? Team up with another creative entrepreneur and work in a different space than usual, together. In the morning before you both get to work, you check in with each other. What are your goals? What's on your to do list? You can work in 1-hour-blocks, enjoy lunch together and keep each other motivated throughout the day. End the day with a 'check-out': what did you accomplish and what not? This is a simple way to gain feedback and switch up your daily routine.

Join one of our co-working days to give your day-to-day an extra boost!

#3 In your own time

If you'd like to shake things up, you don't always need to change your work space. How about choosing when you work? Ask yourself: when am I focused the most? What days would I like to work? You decide. Would you like to have Wednesdays off? Sure! Or maybe you love a long weekend. Why not? It's all totally up to you. Create a schedule that you are personally comfortable with and enjoy the flexibility that comes with being your own boss.

#4 Short and sweet

If a change of scenery in your own town or city isn’t cutting it anymore, and you feel like traveling for a while, take a trip to a city nearby to switch things up even more. Or maybe even to a neighboring country. Stay for a few days and enjoy the different surroundings, a different language and get recharged. That’s right: crossing the borders of your daily routine doesn't always need to involve an expensive flight and a different time zone!

How do you embrace freedom in your day-to-day?