Update - Marrakesh, Christmas & SALE

Hi CWC, 

Here's a short update to THANK YOU. 

Since the launch of our new website on September 1, our contributors - Lily, Marina, Linda & Jessy - have been writing and you have been reading. A. Lot. 

We are all SUPER thankful for your interest, curiosity and hunger for growth. Although we enjoy the online connection, the REAL magic happens offline. Like during our first co-workday on October 10:

In November together with HOUSE OF NOTOIRE we are flying off to Marrakesh with 12 women to break our daily routines, reconnect with ourselves and prepare our minds for 2018. And take a lot of Instagrammable footage at swimming pools, rooftops and in the dessert. 

When we return, we kick off our first 6-week bootcamp for starters, organize a Christmas brunch  (Saturday, 9 December) and prepare for our seminar on Consciousness, on Sunday, January 14 (SAVE THE DATE!).

A lot of exciting things ahead!

On top of all this excitement, we also kicked off our mid-season SALE today. 25% off EVERYTHING (all two items that is haha). 

Go out there and be brave ladies!