Bookreview - "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert T. Kiyosaki

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Jessy The

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What? financial, money, investing

Why (not)?

+ Classic: A must-read for life-lessons about money since it came out in 1997;
+ Valuable: Teaches how rich people think and how to get out of the ‘ratrace’;  
+ Eye-opening: You will become more creative in seeing new business opportunities;
- Credibility: Sometimes the story sounds too good to be true. Nevertheless, try to apply Kiyosaki’s theories to your own situation;
- Confronting: You’ll learn how much money controls your life and the life of others. 

What is this book about?

Kiyosaki tells you how to become rich and emphasizes thereby on how to develop ‘financial intelligence’. When lacking the skill, you can earn all the money in the world but still be poor. Crazy huh? Financial intelligence means, not letting money control your life by using your brain instead of following your emotions. Most of us lack ‘financial intelligence’ because this was never taught at home, in school or in the workforce. 

The story revolves around the money insights of Kiyosaki’s ‘poor dad’ and ‘rich dad’. ‘Poor dad’ is his biological father, an academic and who - despite earning a high salary - is never able to invest or save money due to a lack of ‘financial intelligence’. His fear of not being able to pay the bills and the desire of buying new things, forces him to go to his nine-to-five job every single day. When receiving a raise in payment, his outcome just grows proportionally bigger. He is stuck in the so-called ‘ratrace’. During his childhood, Kiyosaki also gets to learn six important life-lessons about money from his ‘rich dad’, the father of a friend, which are explained in the book.

Gaining ‘financial intelligent’ requires self-reflection and a specific money-mindset. I would like to stimulate you by asking you a few questions regarding money. But first:

This book is for you if ...

  • you are eager to learn how to become rich and develop your financial intelligence;
  • you are desperate of escaping the ‘ratrace’ and letting money control your life;
  • you would like to know how to let money work for you instead of the other way around;
  • you would like to boost yourself and your company, by gaining financial technical knowledge, like knowing the difference between assets and liabilities*?

* Kiyosaki’s definition explained in the book is different than the standard definition that accountants and tax consultants use in their practice but it’s nevertheless an eye-opener.


Answer the following questions for yourself and be honest!

1. Are you led by fear and desire when it comes to money and/or (stuck) in the ratrace? Y/N
2. Do you think solely working hard is the solution to becoming rich? Y/N
3. Do you often say ‘I can’t afford that (right now)’? Y/N
4. Do you think (more) money will solve all problems? Y/N
5. Does ‘working hard and paying taxes’ sound harder to you than taking time to develop your financial intelligence? Y/N

If you answered these question mostly with “YES”, the truth is that your financial intelligence could use major development. 

If you answered mostly "NO" and you are not rich now, you are probably not that interested in becoming rich, or your financial intelligence is still falling short in different ways.

However, not to worry, now that you know the importance of developing your financial intelligence, you can start gaining, developing and boosting it! This book might make becoming rich seem a bit too easy but I feel that it can stimulate your creative brain by gaining some perspectives on seeing new business opportunities. Gaining financial knowledge is for the daredevils, the creative minds and the go-getters. I believe happiness is created by yourself and after reading this book, I believe the same regarding money. 

So ladies, go create ahead and make money in all creative ways possible, and I cannot wait to see a few of you soon enough on the cover of Quote500 or Forbes' 30 under 30..!