The story behind Creative Women Collective is a story of courage, perseverance and vulnerability.

Founder Awura Abena launched the website of CWC on 1 September 2016, the day after her last day as an intellectual property attorney. 


After years of advising and litigating for creative individuals and companies as a lawyer, Awura took a leap of faith. She started CWC inspired by her closest creative girlfriends, who's courage sparked a fearlessness within herself. In her childhood Awura struggled to combine the academic with the creative, and - out of fear - chose her brain over her heart. The contact with her creative clients didn't satisfy her creative hunger. After 5 years of working in the legal sector, she turned a 180 degrees and jumped into the world of creative entrepreneurship. 



The purpose of CWC is to give creative women the knowledge, tools, and network, to help them maximize their creative strengths. Online as well as offline. 

CWC regularly organizes offline experiences with impact. Our activities inspire, motivate, and challenge women to take action. As a result, our diverse group of women together grow into stronger creative(s) entrepreneurs.

In one year CWC has mobilized over 5000 women online to create their own opportunities as creative(s) entrepreneurs. In this first year, CWC organized 10 events throughout Amsterdam (amongst others in The Hoxton Hotel, FOAM and TSH Collab), resulting into hundreds of new relationships, collaborations and previously unreachable creative (business) opportunities for over 500 women. 

In year two CWC grew to a community of over 8.500 women, publishes a weekly blog, launched her webshop, started a podcast and develop three new event concepts.


CWC organizes a variety of activities throughout the year. 2 seminars per year (next seminar is in March, 2019),  monthly pop-up workdays in collaboration with The Student Hotel Collab and special pop-up events in organization with partners like Lil' Amsterdam. 

CWC challenges creative women to be courageous in life and business.
— Awura Abena, founder of Creative Women Collective


Thanks to her legal as well as creative background, Awura is an expert in advising people about the business aspects of creativity. Furthermore Awura is highly qualified in hosting, developing and - together with her team - organizing events with impact.

Awura is a captivating speaker. Visit Awura's LinkedIn for a summary of the events she has hosted or presented at to date (including CreativeMornings Amsterdam, B. Amsterdam's Let's Startup 2018, Capital Tour XXL 2017, F*ck Up Night Amsterdam and Joke Smit Prijs 2017).

Book an appointment with Awura - EUR 250 ex VAT for 1,5 hours - for advice plus a strategy on how to start a creative business, how to create impactful events and/or how to develop your business skills.

To book Awura or hire her as a speaker, host or panelist, (fee starting from EUR 250 ex VAT) please send an e-mail to