The Woman.

I - Awura Abena - am the founder of Creative Women Collective; a media and intellectual property lawyer turned creative entrepreneur. 

After years of advising individuals and companies in the creative industry as a lawyer, I started the Creative Women Collective to combine my love for all things creative and my skills of connecting creative people, with my dream to create an on- and offline space for women.

I was born on 8 March 1988, on International Womensday, a day which focuses on the empowerment of women. Through our activities - events, workshops and one-on-one sessions - CWC contributes to this purpose.


The Story.

CWC is inspired by my group of beautiful, intelligent and creative girlfriends. These women - who work in fashion, food, PR etc. - are THE inspiration behind CWC: pro-active women, full of creativity, ambition, are open to learn and share their knowledge with their circle.

Create your own opportunities
by building a network + growing your know-how.
— Awura Abena, founder of Creative Women Collective

The Dream.

CWC organizes activities to help you grow your network and knowledge, with the aim to help you flourish as an entrepreneur in the creative sector. Our events + workshops + one-on-one sessions light a fire under women through inspiration, connection and know-how.


The Collective.

 Although our women are strong individually, as a group they are even stronger. Through our activities, CWC plays an active role in building your network + know-how in the field of creative entrepreneurship.

Join CWC and share your story and your challenges with us. With this information we are able to create events + workshops to help you build the business of your dreams.

Awura Abena


Photography by Carly Wollaert