What is CWC?

CWC is a platform for entrepreneurial women in the creative industry. CWC is here to help these women grow their network and know-how, through our online community and offline events.

Since our first event in fall 2016, CWC has connected over 500 women during regular events, resulting in dozens of relationships, collaborations and previously unreachable business opportunities for our women.

Why participate in CWC's activities? 

  • to grow your know-how about specific creative industries or entrepreneurship in the creative sector from experts;
  • to build relationships with people with various creative expertises;
  • to develop yourself as a creative (entrepreneur);
  • to be inspired, motivated + energized to start a creative career or business;
  • to grow your career or business to the next level.

Learn more about our upcoming events.

Because of our regular activities, our women are able to develop quality relationships and grow more knowledgeable together.
— Awura Abena, founder of Creative Women Collective

On Friday, 1 September CWC is celebrating her first birthday in beautiful Wicked Grounds. Join our all day program (talkshow, workshop, groupdinner, cocktails) with powerful speakers, over 75 ambitious creative women + a lot of entertainment.

The theme of the event is NO MORE HOLDING BACK.

Click here for more info + tickets!